Need to eat something tasty (very) late on the weekends?

Need to not feel like crap the next day?

want to know what has been saving australian hangovers for over 140 years?

APK's SANTA MONICA STORE HAS got you covered till 230 am....with the pie floater.

It is any pie, (usually the Classic Aussie), upside down in our home made pea soup. with a dash of vinegar, and TONS of sauce (ketchup).

We 100% guarantee you will not have  a hangover the next day.

1. This is NOT a "morning after remedy.

2. Must be consumed during the course of the evening.


The Aussie Pie Floater has been saving hangovers in Australia since 1870

Australia has a secret - 

That men pass to their boys

Its secret men’s business

A part of the passage to becoming a man

It is passed from father to son

And older brother to younger brother too

This secret is the answer why

the Aussie boozing man is so in control

The bright eyed Aussie hero

Who is standing up all the night

And drinking and laughing and singing

Harder and louder than anyone else

But how can he drink so hard and late

And look so fresh the next day

And have the sparkle and smile and spring in his step

Despite the long night of play

The answer – the secret – the elixir

That kills his hangover dead

Is green and tasty and hot and foolproof


It was created in South Australia

In 18 hundred and 70

140 plus years of killing hangovers

With carbs that line the gut

You must consume the pea soup[ of champions

With an upended ground beef pie

With a splash of special vinegar

And a drowning dose of tomato sauce

Only available on Friday and Saturday nights

From 7 pm till 2.30 am

At Authentic Aussie Pie Kitchen

In Santa Monica’s Main Street

So as a word of advice

To all you strappingyoung American men

Either lock up your ladies in the mornings

Or get The Pie Floater Hangover Killer